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York, Pennsylvania

Paul & Miriam Beliasov

After serving as missionaries in Bangladesh for over 17 years, the Lord called the family to Indonesia in 2012 until 2019 when they returned home to the United States to be closer to Paul’s mother. They were seeking the Lord’s will as to where they should continue serving.  Paul was then called to York, Pennsylvania as a prison chaplain for Good News Jail and Prison ministry.  Because of his ability to speak in several languages, he has been highly favored by many of the prisoners to visit often.  He has had several opportunities to share the gospel in many languages and continues to hold Bible studies. 


Under Construction

Coming Soon!

Under Construction...Check back in soon on info on our future missionary! 


Papua New Guinea

Karen Hall

November 2010 is when Karen began the Lord’s work to reach the native people of Papua New Guinea. Studying the language and developing a Bible for them to read in their native language was her main focus, but with her medical background, she felt it also necessary to use her talent to help the people in the local villages. Medical work is keeping her very busy, but helps build a relationship with the people in the community.  This will help open the doors to share the gospel with more of the local people.



Northfield, Massachusetts

Camp Northfield

Since 1961 Camp has had an impact on the lives of many children, adults, and families through its ministry! Tom, his wife Christiana, and their two children Thomas and Adeline are excited to be a part of the camping ministry. Having both served on Camp staff in their teen years and meeting and eventually marrying here, Camp Northfield has always held a special place in their hearts. Tom was brought on as Camp Northfield's Director in the summer of 2020.  They look forward to serving the Lord through Camp for many years to come!



Christopher & Ivy Hurst

Chris and Ivy along with their children started serving in the Philippines in 2013.  Their vision and prayer was to see a Bible school started to train the Filipinos in hopes they could take their knowledge back to their own people.  God answered that prayer and a Christian school was started a few years later.  What a privilege to train the next generation of children to make a difference in the Philippines. The Hursts hold Bible studies for new believers to grow as well as have teaching opportunities in the local public schools. The children enjoy hearing Bible Stories and it is a great invitation for the children to attend Bible clubs in their local church, Metro View Baptist Church.


Mali, West Africa

Rich &Anna Marshall

God called Rich and Anna Marshall to this ministry of the Tureg people in Mali in 1982. Almost 40 years later, they are still spreading the gospel to all who will listen. Rich has been able to share the gospel through The Living Water project which allows him to drill rig in several bush villages to provide water to the local people. He also preaches in a small Baptist church in Timbuktu. Anna holds Ladies Bible Studies for the local woman to encourage and mentor them for Christ. The Marshalls had to evacuate Mali in 2012 due to many terrorist wars that put them in harms way. They returned about 2 years later and continue serving in their ministry. We praise the Lord that he continues to provide and keep them safe!


Liberia, Africa

Bruce & Amanda Stuart

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are the church’s newest addition of missionaries to take on. We started supporting them at the end of 2019! The Stuarts have a desire to share the gospel, particularly the Deaf, in Liberia, Africa.  In April 2022, they packed up and headed on the mission field of Liberia! Praise the Lord! Pray for them as they settle into their new place and that they can begin to reach the lost.


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

Under Construction...please come back and check on future missionaries! 



Aris & Connie Alfonso

Our church took on the Alfonso family in August of 2017. They are actively serving the Lord in the Pangasinan region of the Philippines, which is their homeland as well. Aris and his wife, Connie both have a burden to share Christ to their fellow Filipino people.  Since being on the mission field they have been actively working on their church building.  Although they don’t have a building, they continue to reach the lost through their services.  Aris has had several witness opportunities through youth group events held in the local communities.  He has baptized several people and continue to have soul winning opportunities!

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